Don't Let This Happen To You

  1. Frozen pipes
  2. Damage to your heating system
  3. Costly repairs
  4. Lost time from your busy day

All these things and many more can happen when you let your tank run out of oil. These problems will never happen when you are on an Automatic Fuel Delivery Program with Auth Fuels.

It is not uncommon for people who prefer to call around for each oil delivery to forget, letting their tank run out of oil. This can be a very expensive mistake because often times they don’t realize they have run out of oil until after normal working hours. The cost to remedy the damage caused by a situation such as this can run into hundreds of dollars!

The money you thought you might save by “shopping around” for the lowest oil price each time you need a delivery can quickly disappear when you let your tank run dry.

If you have regular delivery with Auth Fuels, this problem is avoided. For those who aren't on the automatic fill-up plan, you need to be aware of the risk of running out of fuel if you are away when your tank runs out of oil or if you are late in requesting a fuel delivery.

Please take a few minutes to contact us; we will discuss your fuel needs and help you avoid problems this winter.

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