Budget Plans

Basic Budget Plan

The basic budget plan spreads your annual oil cost over ten or twelve monthly payments and avoids the concentration of heating bills in the winter months. We estimate your heating cost for the season (June 1 through May 31) based on your oil consumption. This total cost for oil is then divided into ten or twelve monthly payments beginning in August and ending in May (10 month) or July (12 month). Your budget payments must be paid once a month. If two consecutive budget payments are missed the account is automatically removed from the budget plan and you will no longer receive the budget price.

The basic budget plan is an estimate and can only be used when oil deliveries are automatically scheduled by us and are fill-ups. The budget may not be used if you call in for deliveries and limit the amount of gallons which are to be delivered. This is not a capped price and will be calculated at the cash price on the day of delivery. If your actual cost is less than what we figured, we refund the overpayment to you at the end of the program (June for the 10-month, July for the 12-month). Or, you can roll the credit over to the next season. If your actual cost is greater than our estimate, you pay the balance in June on the 10 month plan, or July on the 12 month plan. There is no finance charge on the budget, and you pay only for the oil delivered.

Capped Budget Plan

Is the same as the Basic Plan but your deliveries will be capped, meaning the price will never go above the cap. If the price is lower at the time of delivery you receive the lower price. A price protection charge of $30.00 (10 month plan) or $25.00 (12 month plan) per month will be charged to your account – this fee is calculated into your budget payment.

If you were on the CAPPED budget plan during the 2014-2015 season, you will automatically be renewed onto the CAPPED PROGRAM again, unless you notify us otherwise. You may use the form at the bottom of the page.

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